Italian Conversation Classes and Workshops


Italian Conversation Classes and Workshops are held at various times of the year. They focus on practicing the language you have already learnt through various speaking activities. The next round will be held in January 2020. Check the timetable below for specific classes!


Italian Conversation Classes and Workshops Melbourne


Italian Conversation Classes

Conversation classes are designed for anyone who is at an intermediate level (studying A2) or above. Each lesson focuses of different parts of the language to help improve conversational skills.


Price: $50 for each 2 hr lesson



Italian Language Workshops

Workshops are designed as refresher classes to reinforce the Italian you have already learnt. Classes are divided into levels to provided specific conversation practice for the topics covered. You can join a workshop for any level you would like to refresh. Activities are conversation based to improve your flow and confidence in real life situations.


Price: $50 for each 2 hr lesson




Week of the 20th of January, 2020


Italian Conversation Classes Workshops Timetable - Melbourne, January 2020




Call us to enrol in an Italian Conversation Class or Workshop. Each Lesson is $50 and you can enrol in as many as you would like! In keeping with our philosophy, classes sizes will be very limited. This also means that classes will fill up quickly.