Immersive Intensive Italian Course in Melbourne


What is it?


Intensive Italian courses are held at inLanguage Boutique during the break between our regular terms. They are structured as immersion courses and are great for people who are keen to get straight into starting Intensive Italian lessons. The courses are equal to one term and cover every aspect of the language.


The focus, however, is on communicating in Italian. You will be able to do this from day 1 with our experienced teachers, who are all native speakers. Since being able to practice the language being taught is vital to successfully learning Italian, we offer small groups with a maximum of 10 students. This will make you feel more comfortable and will allow you to learn in a more personalised environment!


Our next Intensive Italian classes will be held during the first 2 weeks of January, 2020. Once you’re ready to enrol, you can find our online enrolment form on the right!


How much does it cost?


Our Intensive Italian course is $315. We also provide all the material used in class!




January, 2020


Our Intensive Italian classes run for 3 hours a day Monday to Friday. The 15 hour course is equal to 1 term and you complete the level!


Italian Intensive Language Course Timetable 2020


You can select your preferred time when completing the online enrolment form.


How are the levels structured?


Our Intensive Italian lessons are designed to be the equivalent of a level at inLanguage Boutique. Level 1 courses are for complete beginners who have never studied Italian before. If you’re not sure of your level, let us know and we’ll call you to work out which would suit you best.


If you finish an Intensive Italian course, you will be able to move directly into the next level for the following term! See our levels page to get an idea of what will be covered.




We don’t require students to get a textbook! We provide all the materials to complete the level. We do recommend you bring a notebook and pen, which will assist you when revising at home.


If you continue with one of our Term 1 classes, we will provide you with information about the textbook we use.


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Enrol in our boutique Intensive Italian lessons to become a fluent Italian speaker. Contact us online or call us on (03) 9939 3939 for more information.


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