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Study at Our Italian School in Melbourne


At inLanguage Boutique, we run Italian language courses in Melbourne throughout the year. The schedule for our adult Italian lessons can be found on the posters above, along with other details about our Italian language school in Melbourne.


Our classes follow the ‘European Framework for Languages’, where you complete a level after achieving certain competencies in different situations. We have also chosen textbooks that comply with this structure, making it easy to understand your level when continuing to learn Italian in Melbourne and across the world.


What to Expect From Our Italian Language School


There are 4 terms each year, and if you are a beginner, we recommend you start at the beginning of one of the terms. If you know some Italian, come and trial a class when you’re ready. Check our Classes page to see when the next term is starting. Enrolment is now open!




You finish a level at the end of each term, with all the vocabulary you need to comfortably communicate in all the situations studied. We achieve this because our boutique is a small Italian school in Melbourne with big classrooms and small groups. Students have the space and time to learn in a personal and comfortable environment. Starting the next level usually just means coming back at the same time, with the same teacher and group, and continuing from where you left off! We are also flexible if you need to change times or would like to try another group.


Our modern textbooks are the most dynamic and up-to-date language texts coming out of Italy. They also follow the European standard. This means you easily progress as an Italian speaker, and if you’ve studied before, you can easily get Italian lessons in Melbourne that are at your level.


If you’re interested in taking an intensive course, click here!




Learn Italian in Melbourne Today


Enrol in our boutique Italian language courses in Melbourne when you are ready! You can choose from Italian classes in Abbotsford, Brunswick East and Prahran. Click on the posters to find which Italian language course is for you, or simply contact us and tell us and what you need!