Understanding Language Levels


Our Levels


At inLanguage Boutique, we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CERF for short, that was created by the Council of Europe and covers all European languages. The CERF is a reference guide that divides language learning into broad levels.

Below you can see the first 3 CERF levels divided into levels at inLanguage Boutique (eg. Levels 1 to 5 = A1). We have also chosen textbooks that align with the CERF so when you finish the first book you have finished A1!

French, Italian, Spanish Levels as inLanguage Boutique Melbourne

Below is more specific information for students who have some knowledge of the language and are unsure of their level, and for those haven’t studied the language before.

I Know Some of The Language


If you are not sure which level to join, we always recommend you contact us so we can have a good chat about your background in the language. You can then try a class or 2 before you commit! Our teachers also have a deep knowledge of our classes and levels so they will be able to assist you in choosing the right one.

You’re welcome to trial a class at any time during the term!

We have students with various backgrounds in language studying with us at inLanguage Boutique. They may have finished a course in Melbourne a few months ago, studied while on holiday, studied at high school and sometimes it was a long time ago! They may also have a partner who they’ve been learning from, heard it from their parents and grandparents growing up or are even mother tongue in a similar language.

No matter what your background in the language is, we find that the best way to understand if a class is right you, is to try it!

I’m New To The Language


If you have no experience with the language, or even if you’ve picked up a few sentences from travelling and phrase books, we recommend you start at level 1.

Level 1 gives you all the basics to get you talking when you’re travelling and also sets you up to continue learning the language! Instead of giving you common sentences to memorize, we give you the tools to be able to build your own sentences and continue learning outside of the classroom.

Changing 1 word can change the context, topic and feeling of a sentence. Knowing how and which word to change, opens up many possibilities when using a language!