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What is it?


French language courses at inLanguage Boutique are structured in a dynamic and engaging way.

In each French lesson we cover every aspect of the language, whilst focusing on practicing and speaking. Our French courses follow the European framework which not only provides you with the needed foundation and structure of the French Language, but also give you the opportunity to learn the French you need when arrive in France. Using the European standard of teaching, we are also able to structure our French courses with today’s French in mind!

Our Experienced French teachers teach you the foundations, the fundamentals and the phrases you need to know when you get off the plane. They are assisted by the most up-to-date French Language textbook, Version Originale, which also follows the European standard. 

We are a personal and unique Language school so our classes are always small (average 6 students per class!). you learn the French you need, learn the French you want and you enjoy your French language experience.


How much does it cost?


The price for 1 term is $295.

You can also enrol and pay for 2 consecutive terms for $525.




Term 4, 2018Term 1, 2019Term 2, 2019Term 3, 2019
Term 4 starts this week.
There are still spaces in some classes if you would like to enrol!


French Language Courses Melbourne - October, 2018 - inLanguage Boutique

Term 1, 2019 starts during the week of the 4th of February!
Enrolment is now open.

Abbotsford Timetable

French Language Course Enrolment Abbotsford, Melbourne. January - April, 2019


Brunswick East Timetable

French Language Course Enrolment Brunswick East, Melbourne. January - April, 2019


Term 2 starts during the week of the 29th of April.
Timetables will be available closer to the start!

Term 3 starts during the week of the 15th of July.
Timetables will be available closer to the start!

How long does it last for? 


At inLanguage Boutique we follow a 4 term structure with new classes and levels starting every term.



TERM 4:  (10 weeks)            08 Oct – 15 Dec



TERM 1:  (10 weeks)            04 Feb – 13 Apr

TERM 2:  (10 weeks)            29 Apr – 06 Jul

TERM 3:  (10 weeks)            15 Jul – 21 Sep

TERM 4:  (10 weeks)            07 Oct – 14 Dec


If you would like to enrol in a term that has already started, Contact us as there still may be places available.




How are the levels structured?


inLanguage Boutique levels follow CEFR.

European levels are based on communication where a language learner puts their knowledge into practice. You will learn how to use French from the first situation in the classroom to the many situations in France.

If you have never studied French, you will start at L1 which is designed for first time learners. If you have studied French or have some knowledge of the language, we recommend that you contact us so we can assist in choosing the most suitable level and class.



What book do we use?


We use the Textbook “Version Originale” published by “Maison des langues”. It’s the modern French Language textbook following the European Standard. Each textbook comes with a CD, DVD included!

The textbook is required for all classes other than Advanced. You are welcome to get one at inLanguage Boutique for $65 just before your first class. Below are the pictures if you would like to source your own copy.


French textbook and levels- inLanguage Boutique



 ContactContact us for more information!